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Move It

Day 1, Mile 1


(this isn’t me, but I like the photo.)

This morning I did a 20 minute morning yoga video with my son. He is almost 3, and “with” is not really the correct word. As soon as I was in the table top pose, Mommy was a horse, and during the downward dog Mommy was a tunnel, but thanks to the hubby I got through it! I felt great!

I have decided that tomorrow I will begin the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis DVDs that have been collecting dust for a month. I am not going to do the meal plan though, because who has time to pre-cook and blend all of the meals you are expected to eat on certain weeks? No seriously, who? Perhaps Mrs. Paltrow/Martin’s assistant can,┬ábut not me. That is just wishful thinking that I do not need.

I have also decided to do the workouts during my son’s nap. Lately I’ve been burning my calories on a West Wing marathon while he naps, but unless I want to end up looking like Toby Ziegler, I need to actually burn some calories.

Hurray for change! Let’s move!