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Walking Out of the Darkness


Mile 4

So I have finally finished House of Cards and The West Wing. I have had my fill of that oblong office, and will now get to work on this oblong body!

No more distractions. No more excuses.

A new driving force to workout is that I will be walking in the Out of the Darkness Overnight, to raise funds for suicide prevention and mental health awareness. I will be walking 16-18 miles through the night, and my goal is to raise $1500 (hopefully more!). I have never walked this far before, so I need to get my you-know-what in gear!

I have lost friends to suicide, and I know too many who have lost a loved one. Mental illness runs in my family, and as you know I have been dealing with my own boughts of depression.

Any support would be greatly appreciated. No donation is too small. Seriously, it isn’t! If you cannot donate, please just help by talking about suicide and mental health.

For more information, please visit my page here.

Help spread the word to bring suicide and depression out of the darkness. Thank you!