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“We can talk it so good. We can make it so divine”

Mile 5


Why hello there Mr. Treadmill. It’s been a long time. How about you and me, right now, 30 minutes. Maybe 45. (hey, if I don’t think of it as sexy then I am never staying motivated.)

I really do enjoy running. Right now I just love running to Lorde. My favorite song to end with is “Ribs”. It is a great interval song. I keep it steady and then crank up the speed whenever the songs picks-up. This may sound strange, but one of my favorite albums to run to is Siamese Dream. I am a big Smashing Pumpkins fan anyway, but this album is perfect for interval training. Many of the songs gradually go from slow and steady to rockin out, and I just love it.

So yes, I’ve been working out! Yay! I have been dancing to burn calories as well, and trying to tone as much as I can. I have even been trying to do my best not to eat crap, and I haven’t been drinking as much coffee. For me that is huge. I probably had caffeinated blood.

It is funny how things begin to fall into place. After almost three years of not sleeping well, my son is finally (mostly) sleeping through the night. This makes for a happier and well-rested set of parents, which of course equals energy to do more than drag my feet and pour more coffee. I have found that with a rested mind also comes the motivation to make changes. So thank you, my son, for making this possible.

One day I will tell him of the days when Mommy was always grumpy, because I hope I will never return to those days ever again!