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Alexander McQueen’s Genius at The Met

From May4th – July 31st The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art will be exhibiting Alexander McQueen : Savage Beauty, an exhibit which will include approximately 100 pieces, and will span McQueen’s entire career from 1992 until the final runway show which followed his death in 2010.

I will definitely be viewing this exhibit more than once, but it will be a very poignant experience. McQueen, who took his own life in February of 2010, was more than just a designer. He was an artist who did not see boundaries when it came to materials, patterns, the message he wanted to convey, or what inspired him. When I look at the clothing he created I do not see clothing at all. Instead I see a story that was chiseled out of the creative genius of one man. Just as Michelangelo had to free the subjects of his sculptures from the marble, McQueen created works of art that had to be freed from the paper, and come to life on the human body.

To see more of McQueen’s pieces, visit Haute Macabre

If you cannot make it to New York City to see the exhibit, the book is available at Amazon.


Hats Off to Kate Middleton

Walt Disney taught me that all girls want to be a princess. So when a woman who looks like she can be my best friend is about to become one, well, I should secretly (or not so secretly) hate her.

I must say that I do not hate Kate Middleton. I find her casual elegance in both her attitude and style very refreshing, and I also find myself more interested in what she puts on her head than what her bridle gown will be.

Yesterday was apparently a big day for William and Kate as they made their first public appearance as an engaged couple in Anglesey, North Wales. I didn’t care about that at all. What I did care about, as well as countless others, was the headpiece Kate was wearing at the event. I loved it. It was a perfect accessory to her tan and black coat, black scarf, and ponytail.

I heard a couple of TV hosts comment on the fact that she should have worn her hair down, but did you see how windy it was? I believe it was a smart move on her part to have her hair up.

Ms. Middleton is setting a trend that I have been waiting for: the hat and the headpiece as an everyday accessory. Below are some of her looks, and even though many of the looks may seem very “royal” or “British”, who cares? We may not be able to ask British milliner Philip Treacy to create hats and headpieces especially for us, but what is stopping us from feeling like a princess from time to time? I say nothing!

London Calling

Yesterday was the final day of the Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear London Fashion Week. For some reason many non-fashion world individuals do not even know that a fashion week in London even exists. It is the red-headed stepchild who is hidden between the popular NY and Milan fashion weeks, and yet some of the world’s top lines are shown in London, such as: Burberry Prorsum, Temperley, Jonathan Saunders, Vivienne Westwood, Mulberry, Paul Smith and Matthew Williamson to name a few…


Here are some of my favorite looks from the above mentioned lines:

Burberry Prorsum


Jonathan Saunders


Vivienne Westwood Red Label




Paul Smith


Matthew Williamson


Pregnant + Budget = Unfashionable?

Ok, so I am 7 months pregnant. I am on a budget. This means that I cannot go out and buy a ton of maternity clothes because they are so expensive. Why they are so expensive, I have no idea. I am guessing because it is a “specialty” item that you will only wear once, like a prom dress, but to me it is very silly. Soooooo what did I do?

Well, after my wonderful mother bought a few key pieces for me from the Gap (two dresses, a couple of tops, jeans), I decided I needed some more pieces as my belly continued to grow.

I first went to Topshop. Everything is very cute, but for the quality the clothing is way too expensive so I decided to pass.

Topshop Maternity Dress – $90

I then went to Old Navy. Old Navy is really not my style, but they always have amazing sales. I found two long-sleeve and two short sleeve tops for only $2.99 each. How great is that? This made me realize that I had hit the maternity style jackpot! If I buy cheap, simple pieces that I can layer and have fun with then I can make this happen!

Old Navy Tee – on sale for $12

So I then decided to go to H&M, but instead of shopping in the H&M Mama section I decided to look for sweaters and tops in larger sizes. I bought $5 and $10 short sleeve and long sleeve tops and sweaters, and this was the smartest thing I have ever done. I can wear these pieces long after the baby arrives, AND I did not spend a ton of money. Brilliant!

Since my belly popped out in the winter I thought I had to buy a maternity coat, but instead of paying hundreds of dollars on a coat I did not really need, I bought a large puffy vest on sale at Nordstrom Rack to wear under my regular coat. I keep the coat open, but the vest keeps me warm. I can wear both the vest and the coat after the baby pops out.

Oh, and one last thing – it is possible to find ways to wear your pre-preggo clothes. I have a few button-down shirts that I wear over a maternity shirt with maternity pants or jeans. I can only button two or three buttons, but it still looks very cute. I also have a few sweaters that are a bit large around the mid-section, and they still look very cute over the big belly.

And then, of course, accessories! I will sometimes feel very blah with the same old clothes day in and day out, but I feel so much better when I add some pearls, or earrings, or a pair of cute heels. I also love to change my winter hat, my gloves, and my scarves just to continue with the change.

Bottom line? Being pregnant does not mean that you have to look boring! We go through enough with our crazy hormones, swollen fingers and ankles, and sleepless nights, so why in the world should we feel that we cannot be cute and lovely on the outside without spending a ton of money?

Other Inspiration

Another source of fashion inspiration for me is the website The Sartorialist at

Scott Schuman has an amazing eye for photography, and an equally amazing eye for fashion on everyday people on the streets. In addition, he shares his own inspiration in other photos, films, etc. that he sees, and I find every picture he shares very fun and helpful.

Last Christmas my husband gave me The Sartorialist book, and it has become my go-to reference when I need to be brought out of a clothing rut. It is also so fun to imagine the lives of the people he captures. I like to picture where they live, what their home looks like, and what they are like as people.I highly recommend this book as well as the website if you need clothing inspiration.

I Love Fashion Week

This doesn’t mean that I am actually able to GO to Fashion Week (even though that would be amazing), but ever since I was about 20 years old (I will not say how long ago that was), each season I have gone to and looked through every runway show every day of the week. I cannot afford the clothes, but I have always used the clothing as inspiration for what I will purchase in the upcoming season. I even go to the lengths of creating a new screen saver each season with the looks I love. Perhaps a bit extreme? Hey, I do not care, because this is one of my “things”, and I love it. It makes me happy.

So what have I loved thus far from the Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear Collections? Below are a few of the looks that will end up on my Fall 2011 screen saver.

The Carolina Herrera Fall 2011 RTW Collection is just lovely. Simple, sexy, and comfortable always come to mind with her clothes, and this season is not any different. This season says working girl Grace Kelly to me.  I love the large flaps of the gloves, as well as the mix of materials such as flannel and suede that just scream comfort.

I always love Marc Jacobs, and his Fall collection doesn’t disappoint. He always knows how to mix the modern with the past, and this collection, especially the third look, reminds me of Blade Runner. Jacobs is so brilliant at mixing patterns and design without overdoing it, which to me makes him the Willy Wonka of fashion designers. Oh, and anyone who is in an old Sonic Youth video, and then has them play his show is awesome in my book. Just saying.

Jason Wu is easily becoming one of my favorite designers. He is definitely moving up[ in the world, and I love the sophisticated direction he is taking. I also love the pattern in the above looks. I think of Bambi hoof prints.

DKNY always makes me think of one thing: color! I always love at least one look from a DKNY collection, and it is always due to the fact that Karen is a master at mixing color. I also always love the coats and hats. One day I will buy a DKNY hat and coat!

There are so many more collections that I love, sooooooo more to come!