Resolution List

When my Grandmother passed away, I was given a wooden box that always sat on her dresser. Every time I open it, the scent of cedar and mint bring me back to her bedroom, and fills me with memories and warmth.

She used it to hold her brooches and necklaces, but I hold momentos. In recent years I have also been using her box to hold my New Year’s resolution list. I always make a list of what I want to happen by the end of that year, and never open it again until I add the next list. I’ve done this for the past five years, and almost everything on every list has come true.

Perhaps it’s a magic box? Perhaps the act of writing it all down places it into my psyche, and therefore I subconsciously do it? I like to think it is the former. Either way, it has become my own personal tradition, and I choose to believe that it is a secret list between me and my Grandmother.

I suggest trying to find a sacred and secret place to hold your resolution list, and see how it goes! Just the act of moving it from your brain to the page is enough to set yourself into motion, but creating a tradition around it will bring a new level of importance to what you really want.

Happy 2013!


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