My Pre-Baby Bucket List

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that my life will never be the same once this baby is born. I think I hear that more than I hear congratulations. I also hear that I will never sleep the same again, that I will never be able to take a shower, and that I will never have a moments peace, etc…

So I have decided to create my own pre-baby bucket list. Let me know what I have missed if you are a parent!

1. Get 7 – 8 hours of sleep a night

2. Watch a ton of television and all of my movies

3.  Read as many books as possible

4. Go out to eat often

5. Catch-up on all of my favorite fashion magazines

6. See movies in the theater

7. Take REALLY long showers

8. Hang out with just the hubby as much as possible

9. Drop the F bomb often

10. Only do laundry when I have run out of underwear


One response to “My Pre-Baby Bucket List

  • Inspire me Journals

    1. Getting 7 hours sleep should be only temporary
    2.You can still watch a ton of TV.. you will just replace all your fun adult shows with Sesame street and Dora the explorer!
    3. Ditto number 2; no adult books, just children’s books!
    4.You could eat on your verandah?! (haha)
    5. Ok, you might miss this.. and
    6 this too.
    7.Long showers can easily be possible! – put baby in his or her bouncer chair (either awake or asleep) and let them play while you are in the shower! viola!
    8.Date night?
    9.FUN?! all babies love fun!?
    10. hmm.. Ok, laundry might have to be a little more often, or you can just throw out all your underwear except 3 days worth ha ha

    I’m sure that everyone is quick to tell you all the bad parts of being a parent, but I’m so sure that the good outweigh the bad! Imagine the first time baby looks at you, smiles at you or says “mumma” 😀

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