and the Oscar goes to…Mr. Darcy! Oh wait, I mean Mr. Firth!

Yes, I am one of  “those”. I have watched the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice more times than I care to admit, and I have loved Colin Firth ever since the first time I watched Mr. Darcy dive into his pond at Pemberley, and then run into Elizabeth Bennet as he was dripping with water and bashfulness.

Last night I was elated when Colin Firth won the Oscar for his performance in The King’s Speech. It was well-deserved, and I believe a long over-due turning point in his career. A Single Man, which is a phenomenal film, paved the road to the respect that he deserves, and The King’s Speech has now made it known to the world that he is one of the best actors out there.  I believe this has been the case for some time, but it always seemed to me that the Pride and Prejudice lovers (or freaks!) were the only fans who followed his career and loved every role he has been in since.

I know that Colin Firth has been trying to get away from his Mr. Darcy days for quite a long time (“I shall conquer this. I shall!”), and I think that he has finally succeeded. It is wonderful to finally see him publicly acknowledged for his skills as an actor as well as his decency as a man.

Does this mean that I will stop thinking of him as Mr. Darcy? Of course not! I refuse to watch any other version of P&P because I am so devoted to Mr. Firth. In fact, I watched the entire min-series from beginning to end before the Oscars. I am THAT lame.


4 responses to “and the Oscar goes to…Mr. Darcy! Oh wait, I mean Mr. Firth!

  • mattbronner

    Although I will always remember Colin Firth as wearing the reindeer sweater in “Bridget Jones’ Diary,” and have just realized he was in “Mamma Mia,” (hmmmmmmm) I do respect him as an actor.

    I have never seen a minute of “P&P” but I can’t dis you for being obsessed with it. You have first hand knowledge of my obsessions, i.e. skateboard videos, so it actually isn’t that lame.

  • vane

    Mmmmm… that lovely face! he´s soo cute!

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