Hats Off to Kate Middleton

Walt Disney taught me that all girls want to be a princess. So when a woman who looks like she can be my best friend is about to become one, well, I should secretly (or not so secretly) hate her.

I must say that I do not hate Kate Middleton. I find her casual elegance in both her attitude and style very refreshing, and I also find myself more interested in what she puts on her head than what her bridle gown will be.

Yesterday was apparently a big day for William and Kate as they made their first public appearance as an engaged couple in Anglesey, North Wales. I didn’t care about that at all. What I did care about, as well as countless others, was the headpiece Kate was wearing at the event. I loved it. It was a perfect accessory to her tan and black coat, black scarf, and ponytail.

I heard a couple of TV hosts comment on the fact that she should have worn her hair down, but did you see how windy it was? I believe it was a smart move on her part to have her hair up.

Ms. Middleton is setting a trend that I have been waiting for: the hat and the headpiece as an everyday accessory. Below are some of her looks, and even though many of the looks may seem very “royal” or “British”, who cares? We may not be able to ask British milliner Philip Treacy to create hats and headpieces especially for us, but what is stopping us from feeling like a princess from time to time? I say nothing!


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