Pregnant + Budget = Unfashionable?

Ok, so I am 7 months pregnant. I am on a budget. This means that I cannot go out and buy a ton of maternity clothes because they are so expensive. Why they are so expensive, I have no idea. I am guessing because it is a “specialty” item that you will only wear once, like a prom dress, but to me it is very silly. Soooooo what did I do?

Well, after my wonderful mother bought a few key pieces for me from the Gap (two dresses, a couple of tops, jeans), I decided I needed some more pieces as my belly continued to grow.

I first went to Topshop. Everything is very cute, but for the quality the clothing is way too expensive so I decided to pass.

Topshop Maternity Dress – $90

I then went to Old Navy. Old Navy is really not my style, but they always have amazing sales. I found two long-sleeve and two short sleeve tops for only $2.99 each. How great is that? This made me realize that I had hit the maternity style jackpot! If I buy cheap, simple pieces that I can layer and have fun with then I can make this happen!

Old Navy Tee – on sale for $12

So I then decided to go to H&M, but instead of shopping in the H&M Mama section I decided to look for sweaters and tops in larger sizes. I bought $5 and $10 short sleeve and long sleeve tops and sweaters, and this was the smartest thing I have ever done. I can wear these pieces long after the baby arrives, AND I did not spend a ton of money. Brilliant!

Since my belly popped out in the winter I thought I had to buy a maternity coat, but instead of paying hundreds of dollars on a coat I did not really need, I bought a large puffy vest on sale at Nordstrom Rack to wear under my regular coat. I keep the coat open, but the vest keeps me warm. I can wear both the vest and the coat after the baby pops out.

Oh, and one last thing – it is possible to find ways to wear your pre-preggo clothes. I have a few button-down shirts that I wear over a maternity shirt with maternity pants or jeans. I can only button two or three buttons, but it still looks very cute. I also have a few sweaters that are a bit large around the mid-section, and they still look very cute over the big belly.

And then, of course, accessories! I will sometimes feel very blah with the same old clothes day in and day out, but I feel so much better when I add some pearls, or earrings, or a pair of cute heels. I also love to change my winter hat, my gloves, and my scarves just to continue with the change.

Bottom line? Being pregnant does not mean that you have to look boring! We go through enough with our crazy hormones, swollen fingers and ankles, and sleepless nights, so why in the world should we feel that we cannot be cute and lovely on the outside without spending a ton of money?


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