I Love Fashion Week

This doesn’t mean that I am actually able to GO to Fashion Week (even though that would be amazing), but ever since I was about 20 years old (I will not say how long ago that was), each season I have gone to Style.com and looked through every runway show every day of the week. I cannot afford the clothes, but I have always used the clothing as inspiration for what I will purchase in the upcoming season. I even go to the lengths of creating a new screen saver each season with the looks I love. Perhaps a bit extreme? Hey, I do not care, because this is one of my “things”, and I love it. It makes me happy.

So what have I loved thus far from the Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear Collections? Below are a few of the looks that will end up on my Fall 2011 screen saver.

The Carolina Herrera Fall 2011 RTW Collection is just lovely. Simple, sexy, and comfortable always come to mind with her clothes, and this season is not any different. This season says working girl Grace Kelly to me.  I love the large flaps of the gloves, as well as the mix of materials such as flannel and suede that just scream comfort.

I always love Marc Jacobs, and his Fall collection doesn’t disappoint. He always knows how to mix the modern with the past, and this collection, especially the third look, reminds me of Blade Runner. Jacobs is so brilliant at mixing patterns and design without overdoing it, which to me makes him the Willy Wonka of fashion designers. Oh, and anyone who is in an old Sonic Youth video, and then has them play his show is awesome in my book. Just saying.

Jason Wu is easily becoming one of my favorite designers. He is definitely moving up[ in the world, and I love the sophisticated direction he is taking. I also love the pattern in the above looks. I think of Bambi hoof prints.

DKNY always makes me think of one thing: color! I always love at least one look from a DKNY collection, and it is always due to the fact that Karen is a master at mixing color. I also always love the coats and hats. One day I will buy a DKNY hat and coat!

There are so many more collections that I love, sooooooo more to come!


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